11/7/2012 Yelp Review

I have been going to cafe il cipresso for 10 years now. Best italian food i have ever had. I dont know what all these other people are taling about but if your in it for the food and a nice waitress, go here. Great prices for the huge serving they give you. Everything is made fresh everyday and I could even go there and eat their bread and only that and be satisfied its so good. I know many people who make this resturant a staple in the date night options. Everytimes my girlfriend comes in to visit, we go here and the waitresses know us by name. Great service, great food!  Bar downstair is great too!


8/18/2012 Yelp Review

I always enjoy Caffe Il Cipresso.  The food is great and I love the authentic european atmosphere!

Recently I was faced with planning a luncheon very unexpectedly.  I called Caffe Il Cipresso and they were so accommodating.  They prepared and served a beautiful Italian luncheon for my family following the funeral for my Dad.  I cannot thank the owners and staff enough for the beautiful tribute to my Dad.  They went all out to help us plan a great choice of meals, all individually prepared and served to our guests.

Thank you Caffe Il Cipresso for all you did for us.

7/10/2012 Yelp Review

 I agree that this little restaurant is not quite as good as in their smaller location, but the food is still very good. The lighting could be better and disappointed that they eliminated the small size antipasto appetizer because what's on the menu is too much for 2. Have never had a problem with service - ever. Portions are large and the garlic bread is delicious. Pasta homemade. Give this place a try.
6/17/2012 Yelp Review 

This place surprised me! Customer service was on point and the bread and food were delicious! Seemed pretty clean, it was just a bit dark. Other than that...this will be my Italian restaurant of choice!

12/28/2011 Yelp Review

This is my favorite restaurant. The raviolis with the Giorgio sauce? To die for. It's enough for 2 meals. Wish they offered bread with olive oil but nonetheless I love it!

"We don't know what Cafe Il Cipresso was like under the previous ownership, but we like the way it is under the current restaurateur..." Read entire review